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Happy Lohri and a Dohl on top of cake Jan 10, 2020 »

Happy Lohri with a Dohl on top of the cake. Very colorful party with lots of details on the cake like; peanuts, sesame seed candies, clouds and kites, campfire and tree bark on a layer. Delivered to Jefferson City, Missouri

Closeup of the cake

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Barkley - Dimensional Cake Nov 09, 2019 »

It is a dog or is that a cake?

The big beautiful brown eyes draw you in, you want to reach out and pet the dog. NO please don't touch, because it is a cake.

There is a live dog named Barkley who is a playful, loving dog, who wasn't going to get to attend the wedding. Sooooooo

The bride wanted to surprise her groom with a cake that looked like their dog. Pictures and measurements were sent and the dog came to life out of cake and modeling chocolate. Delivered to Cooper Ridge, Barkley sat on…

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Book Launch Aug 16, 2019 »

This was a special book launch for Von V Pittman,. The cake was in the shape of a book, I was give a copy of the book cover by the daughter in-law. I made a duplicate out of edible paper for the top .

I have included the email below that I received after the party.

We needed a cake not only on short notice, but to very specific specifications. Edith was communicative, kind, exceedingly helpful, and is truly an artist. This cake was very, very meaningful to my family and needed to be a very…

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Flowers and Butterflies Baby Shower Cake Jul 26, 2019 »

Cute little baby shower cake with butterflies and different shades of peach forget-me-not flowers made for a sweet center pieces on the table.

Setup in Columbia

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Veterans United Military Appreciation Cake Jun 22, 2019 »

Military Appreciation tiered cake at the Veterans United Dinner. Multi layer cakes with marbled looking shades of blue, painted on a buttercream cake. There were highlights of gold added to the special cake. Under the cake was a custom made stand with the emblems of the different armed forces. It was rolled down the center isle at the dinner. What a way to make an entrance.

See vendors links below

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Golden Anniversary Cake Jun 08, 2019 »

A small gathering of friends and family to celebrate the Golden anniversary of a couple. A cute tiered cake, with a large gold edible bow on top and handmade edible gold edged roses, throw in a little art deco and the cake is complete.


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Ronald McDonald House Gala 2019 Feb 21, 2019 »

If you are in love with Chocolate dipped strawberries this is the cake for you. A chocolate covered strawberry cake with a edible chocolate bow and chocolate dipped tuxedo strawberries. The cake was auctioned off at the Gala to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House, it took place in the Reynolds Alumni Center located in Columbia, Missouri

Close up of the bow and a tuxedo stawberry

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Gavel Cake for Missouri State 100th General Assembly Jan 09, 2019 »

When you need to make a cake to serve 450 plus and it will be in the shape of a gavel. It is going to be a big cake as well as being heavy.

The base cake is 20" with an 18" on top of it. Just to let you know the gavel had cake in it too.

You know that wonderful feature that newer vehicles have now, the hands free foot activated liftgate. Well if I could get it to work when I wanted too it would be awesome, but I can't unless I don't want it to work and then it does. You guessed it, the gate…

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Baby Shower Cake Apr 07, 2018 »

A rustic looking baby shower cake, each layer a little different style and a fox topper to complete the look.

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Ronald McDonald House Feb 22, 2018 »

2018 Ronald McDonald House fund raiser at the Alumni Center in Columbia Missouri. My donation was a layer cake decorated with pearls and lace trim. Gum Paste Red roses and white with red tips carnations completed the cake.

Here is the cake setup at the Alumni Center on the MU Campus.

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Camping baby shower cake Aug 05, 2017 »

When you like camping you need to have a Camping scene including tents, camp fire, marshmallows on a stick, pine trees, everything is sugar, for your baby shower cake.

Close up of the details.

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Super Hero Cake May 21, 2017 »

Super hero time for my grandson that turned 4. I made the cake and cupcakes to match. Mom had the figures that we placed on top of the cake.

Jesse was really happy he got to keep all the super hero figures.

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Graduation cake May 13, 2017 »

Three young men graduating from Centraila, MO. celebrated together, with a two tiered cake topped with a Chocolate hat covered in fondant. I wonder if they shared the hat. The scroll was made out of chocolate too.

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Pharmacy Graduation Cake May 13, 2017 »

Graduating from pharmacy school this is the cake for you. Mortar and Pestle made out of chocolate and covered in fondant. Lots of pills covering the cake including pill bottles. Finishing it off with a Script Pad.

Closeup of the Mortar and Pestle

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Retirement cake May 13, 2017 »

This three tier cake accented with fresh flowers, was for a retirement party.

This style of cake could be a good choice for a wedding cake.

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Professional Cake Decorating Classes Mar 20, 2017 »

I took three classes taught by Karen Portalio and she is a fantastic teacher and cake artist.

Picture of Karen and myself.

I learned some new techniques that I will be able to use in the future. I would enjoy getting to do a cake for you with some of the new techniques. Do you have an idea? Give me a call and let's make it happen.

Closeup picture of my Alien. Miss Green Lady.

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Red Shoe Gala 2017 for the Ronald McDonald House Feb 16, 2017 »

Red Shoe Gala Fund Raiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, Missouri. Can a shoe be edible? This Red Shoe with gold touches on top of a Red Velvet cake with gold details is all edible.

Below are some closeups of the details.

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Baby Shower Cake Dec 31, 2016 »

Who says you can't use bolder colors for a baby shower cake. Those are edible sneakers on the top of the cake. You can keep them for a keepsake or enjoy taking a bite out of the sweet sugar when you are have a craving.

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Gender reveal Cake Aug 19, 2016 »

Everyone is waiting, including mom and dad to find out, girl or boy? Don't ask me because I'm not telling and neither will this cake, until you cut into it and fine the cake or filling to be pink or blue.

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