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Future Hunter's 1st Birthday Nov 30, 2018 »

Nov 30

1st birthday cake for a future hunter. Yummy chocolate wood grain on the bottom layer. What hunter wouldn't want to get a 12 point deer.

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Bear and Buffalo Plaid Birthday Cake Nov 03, 2018 »

Nov 3

A fun Birthday cake for a one year old. Sugar mushrooms, cutouts of Bear and trees and don't forget the chocolate wooden looking sign.

Below is the smash cake for the birthday boy.

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Birthday Cake May 20, 2018 »

A birthday cake made for my Grandson. The desert raceway theme cake was the back drop for the Disney model Cars.

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Yellow Brick Road Apr 11, 2018 »

Ruby red slippers on the yellow brick road, but look out you have to go through the poppies to continue on to???? The cake may have started in mid Missouri but it traveled not to Kansas but to Nebraska for a birthday celebration.

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Pink and Bling Feb 14, 2018 »

When you just have to have Pink and Bling, then look no further. Here you have the pink ruffles with Bling and to finish the top of the cake blushing pink sugar rose of this two tier party cake. Let the Party begin.

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2D cake Jan 20, 2018 »

So how would you like to have your cake look like a cartoon of you? This 2 dimensional bust cake was for a older lady's birthday. When it is partially cartoon you don't have to have all those lines that you get when you get older.

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Princess cake Oct 20, 2017 »

What little girl wouldn't want a edible tiara on top of their birthday cake.

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Party Cake Sep 13, 2017 »

Armour logo on this party cake for my step grandson.

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80th Birthday Cake Sep 09, 2017 »

This cake was for a very special friend. Handmade sugar roses, and different shade of blue hydrangeas. I am so glad that I got to share my gift with her.

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July Fishing Cakes Jul 28, 2017 »

A two tier cake for the guest and a matching smash cake for the birthday boy. Bobber's to hold up the catch.

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Simon's 1st Birthday smash Cake May 07, 2017 »

Our Grandson turned 1 this year and he just had to have his own little cake to smash. He loves puppies and farm animals, so that was the theme of the party. Of course the first thing was to eat the puppy's head off. I have to say he was pretty neat when it can to eating his cake. The rest of us enjoyed the sheet cake with farm animals and a chocolate picket fence.

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Polo Shirt and Hat Apr 26, 2017 »

Fun birthday cake, this would be great as a grooms cake too. Did you count out those $100.00 bills? There are five of them. Fun money to spend on whatever you want right, No you can't spend them, they are edible. The hat has fondant details but under the fondant is chocolate.

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Western Theme Cake Feb 25, 2017 »

Think of horse back riding out in the field and you come upon flowers. When your mom loves to ride you give her a special cake reflecting her interest. A top the cake is a edible chocolate sign. Side design of a horse and cowgirl silhouette, finishing details of handmade edible sugar daisies and sunflowers. Tie it up with some raffia ribbon and you have just the cake for the occasion.

Closeup of the Sugar Flowers.

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Butterflies in Flight Feb 11, 2017 »

This two tiered cake has lacy details with small accent flowers. The Monarch Butterflies going up the cake are edible.

This cake was a surprise for a special lady.

Closeup of butterflies

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90th Birthday Cake Dec 22, 2016 »

When you want to shine on your birthday, do it with Gold. Using gold ribbons, dots and a bow, along with the edible 90th topper, you will make your birthday cake a sparkling addition to your table.

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Birthday Cake 100 Years Nov 30, 2016 »

When you have lived on this earth for 100 years, you deserve a special cake. This cake has some resemblance to packages with fondant strips and pearls.

Need some chocolate with your cake? The topper is made with white chocolate and can be removed to keep, or when you need a little pick me up, break yourself off a zero and enjoy.

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Fall Birthday Cake Nov 25, 2016 »

Textured icing with fall colored leaves, add nuts and berries, a couple of pumpkins and chocolate signs, don't forget gold touches to make the cake pop and now you have a fun party cake for a couple of special birthday people.

See the closeup pictures of the details.

This would make a great grooms cake too.

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Black Designer Purse Nov 02, 2016 »

Are you looking for a black designer purse with gold accents for your outfit? This one might be the one for you, but I would not carry it you might get icing on you or your outfit. You can have this great looking purse for your birthday, it is a cake! Add some pearls and pearl ear rings and don't forget the bow and tag their all edible, made with fondant. What a sweet way to celebrate!

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Birthday Cake For Izzy Aug 20, 2016 »

What a unique, one-of-a-kind cake! It was so much fun playing with the colors and intricate sugar art designs on this birthday cake. It's always exciting to see the end-result of any cake and I was very pleased with this one!

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