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Book Launch
Book launch Von V Pittman

Book Launch

This was a special book launch for Von V Pittman,. The cake was in the shape of a book, I was give a copy of the book cover by the daughter in-law. I made a duplicate out of edible paper for the top .

I have included the email below that I received after the party.

We needed a cake not only on short notice, but to very specific specifications. Edith was communicative, kind, exceedingly helpful, and is truly an artist. This cake was very, very meaningful to my family and needed to be a very realistic version of a book. It turned out that we needed someone to guard the cake to keep people from trying to turn the pages!

I was overwhelmed at the job she did and was expecting a good cake under the art, but she exceeded - by far - our expectations again. We overheard several conversations at the party about this being the “best cake I’ve ever had.”

We’ll never forget the tremendous kindness and brilliant artistry - thank you Edith!

Kelli P.

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