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Barkley - Dog Cake
Barkley dog cake

Barkley - Dimensional Cake

It is a dog or is that a cake?

The big beautiful brown eyes draw you in, you want to reach out and pet the dog. NO please don't touch, because it is a cake.

There is a live dog named Barkley who is a playful, loving dog, who wasn't going to get to attend the wedding. Sooooooo

The bride wanted to surprise her groom with a cake that looked like their dog. Pictures and measurements were sent and the dog came to life out of cake and modeling chocolate. Delivered to Cooper Ridge, Barkley sat on top of a wine barrel in the stop light, waiting for the groom.

The following email was from the brides mom.

"Hi Edith,
"OMG!! Courtney and Tom's wedding cake was beautiful and so delicious!! So many people commented on how moist and fantastic it was. But the Barkley cake was AMAZING!! You are so talented! Courtney and Tom were thrilled with it. Thank you so much for making Courtney & Tom's wedding day perfect!!!"

Closeup of Barkley

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