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Edith Hall Cakes
2018 OSSAS Edith Hall's Show Cake
2018 OSSAS closeup of show cake

2018 OSSAS Grand National Wedding Cake Show

September 30, 2018 I found out that the wedding cake show that I have participated in for 15 year has come to a end. This was the 25th year for the show and I am sad that won't be able to compete at this show any more, but I have been fortunate to have placed in the top ten, 13 out of my 15 years competing and that includes this year too.

Here is a closeup of some of the details that were on my 2018 cake. Everything is made out of sugar.

This is the finished cake.

Had some trouble with the string work this year. After two days of putting on strings on the bottom area where you see the fabric look in the finished cake, I picked up the cake and the bottom board was not strong enough and all most half the strings broke, below is before and after.

I had the pleasure of presenting Kerry Vincent the director of the OSSAS Show a Headband which is called a crown. Crowning the Queen of Cake on her 25th anniversary of the show.

Pictured Kerry Vincent and and Edith Hall

Headband designer Reny Kestel from Australia. Kerry loves Reny's Kestel Millinery headbands.

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