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Welcome To Edith's Blog

Edith Hall is a certified master sugar artist who has been decorating cakes since 1981. You may have seen her on popular shows like "Ultimate Cake Off" (TLC). Cake decorating and sugar artistry has been her life-long passion that she continues to pursue today.

She travels often competing in cake shows and even helps charitable causes. Take a moment to explore her journeys through her blog!

Anniversary Cake Mar 15, 2019 »

Feb 2

This pretty little cake was for a 60th Anniversary celebration. Butter cream icing was used and was smoothed to look like fondant covered cake, quilted pattern with silver pearls and grouping of different size pearls along with the silver pearls to tie it all together.

I think this would make a cute wedding cake. You could all so repeat this pattern on two larger layers of cake if you wanted a bigger wedding cake.

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Gavel Cake for Missouri State 100th General Assembly Mar 09, 2019 »

Jan 9

When you need to make a cake to serve 450 plus and it will be in the shape of a gavel. It is going to be a big cake as well as being heavy.

The base cake is 20" with an 18" on top of it. Just to let you know the gavel had cake in it too.

You know that wonderful feature that newer vehicles have now, the hands free foot activated liftgate. Well if I could get it to work when I wanted too it would be awesome, but I can't unless I don't want it to work and then it does. You guessed it, the…

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Sofija Lippmann Wedding Cake Mar 06, 2019 »

Dec 28th

Looking for a blue geode cake? This could be just the one for you. With the fondant marbling going from dark to light as you go up the layers of cake. If you look closely you can see silver details in with the marbling along with the silver details on the edge of the geode.

Bride sent me this picture. Thank you to the bride and the photography for a wonderful picture.

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Future Hunter's 1st Birthday Feb 28, 2019 »

Nov 30

1st birthday cake for a future hunter. Yummy chocolate wood grain on the bottom layer. What hunter wouldn't want to get a 12 point deer.

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Anne Churchill's Wedding Cake Feb 27, 2019 »

Nov 3

A white wedding cake is timeless and this one is so elegant with all of the pearls. This cake was setup in a beautiful room and great lighting, it made for wonderful back drop.

Anne is great to work with at AnnaBella Events and her team did a great job at her wedding.

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