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60th Anniversary Cake Mar 15, 2019 »

Feb 2

This pretty little cake was for a 60th Anniversary celebration. Butter cream icing was used and was smoothed to look like fondant covered cake, quilted pattern with silver pearls and grouping of different size pearls along with the silver pearls to tie it all together.

I think this would make a cute wedding cake. You could all so repeat this pattern on two larger layers of cake if you wanted a bigger wedding cake.

100th General Assembly Mar 09, 2019 »

Jan 9

When you need to make a cake to serve 450 plus and it will be in the shape of a gavel. It is going to be a big cake as well as being heavy.

The base cake is 20" with an 18" on top of it. Just to let you know the gavel had cake in it too.

You know that wonderful feature that newer vehicles have now, the hands free foot activated liftgate. Well if I could get it to work when I wanted too it would be awesome, but I can't unless I don't want it to work and then it does. You guessed it, the…

Sofija Lippmann Mar 06, 2019 »

Dec 28th

Looking for a blue geode cake? This could be just the one for you. With the fondant marbling going from dark to light as you go up the layers of cake. If you look closely you can see silver details in with the marbling along with the silver details on the edge of the geode.

Bride sent me this picture. Thank you to the bride and the photography for a wonderful picture.

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Deer and wood grain Feb 28, 2019 »

Nov 30

1st birthday cake for a future hunter. Yummy chocolate wood grain on the bottom layer. What hunter wouldn't want to get a 12 point deer.

Anne Churchill Feb 27, 2019 »

Nov 3

A white wedding cake is timeless and this one is so elegant with all of the pearls. This cake was setup in a beautiful room and great lighting, it made for wonderful back drop.

Anne is great to work with at AnnaBella Events and her team did a great job at her wedding.

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Bear and Buffalo Plaid Feb 22, 2019 »

Nov 3

A fun Birthday cake for a one year old. Sugar mushrooms, cutouts of Bear and trees and don't forget the chocolate wooden looking sign.

Below is the smash cake for the birthday boy.

Morgan McGinley Feb 20, 2019 »

Oct 28

How fitting to have your geode wedding cake setup at out door venue. The geode on the cake is all sugar, crunch for a sugar high. I am sure the kids were waiting in line for sugar rock candy..

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Fall leaves Oct 25, 2018 »

When you are having a intimate wedding with a few family members and friends in the fall. A small two tier wedding cake with sugar leaves in tones of oranges, browns, and yellows will give you that fall feeling.

2018 OSSAS 25th Show Sep 30, 2018 »

I had the pleasure to present a gift to Kerry Vincent at the OSSAS 25th Anniversary show. A crown for the Queen of cakes. Kerry knew as soon as she saw the hat box it was from one of her favorite millinery designer.

Edith Hall and Kerry Vincent posing for their picture while Kerry is modeling her new headband/crown.

Closeup of the Crown

It was very nice to work with Reny to surprise Kerry.

Designer of the Crown is Reny Kestel Millinery from Australia.

2018 OSSAS Edith Hall's Show Cake Sep 29, 2018 »

September 30, 2018 I found out that the wedding cake show that I have participated in for 15 year has come to a end. This was the 25th year for the show and I am sad that won't be able to compete at this show any more, but I have been fortunate to have placed in the top ten, 13 out of my 15 years competing and that includes this year too.

Here is a closeup of some of the details that were on my 2018 cake. Everything is made out of sugar.

This is the finished cake.

Had some…

Jamie Koerner' wedding cake Sep 08, 2018 »

My Nephew and Jamie were married and afterwards they had a wonderful reception that my family and I attended. The four tier wedding cake with random lines gives a informal but an elegant look was placed in the center of the dance floor. Fresh red hydrangeas and babies breath made the cake very stunning. I had rave reviews not only about the look, but the taste. They choose French Vanilla with Raspberry filling, Carrot , and French Vanilla.

Change the lighting in the room and the cake icings…

Molly Borgmeyer Jun 29, 2018 »

Two tier Squared wedding cake with Rose Gold geometric shapes on panels extending above cake gives it a very Modern look.

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Maggie Pfaff Jun 23, 2018 »

Semi naked Wedding Cake with greenery delivered to Blue Bell Farms in the Fayette, Missouri Area. Thank Emily for the picture after you put on the greenery.

Below is a picture before the greenery

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Amanda Carroll Jun 09, 2018 »

This four tier Geode wedding cake has marbling in the fondant and looks like it has been just broken open to expose the Amethyst inside. Even though the colors of the wedding were blue and silver. The groom a Geologist wanted their wedding cake to look like what a real stone amethyst would look like including the banding.

Below is the complete cake

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Julie Sorenson Jun 03, 2018 »

Lightly Iced (naked cake) Wedding Cake with fresh flowers and citrus included. It made for a different but refreshing look on the cake.

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Lilli Grove Jun 02, 2018 »

Natural look white icing wedding cake with fresh flowers. Before the weather turned hot the cake was setup under a tent at the brides parents home in Columbia, Missouri.

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Hannah Meyer May 26, 2018 »

Striking white butter cream wedding cake with a hint of water color in moss green and silver is the backdrop for the fresh flowers. I was a warm day delivering the cake to the Jefferson City country club. Had to wait until the last minute, did not want the cake to melt.

Closeup of the water color and flowers

Jesse 5th Birthday cake May 20, 2018 »

A birthday cake made for my Grandson. The desert raceway theme cake was the back drop for the Disney model Cars.

Margaret Hughes May 19, 2018 »

If you are looking for Wedding Cake with sparkle then this might be the one for you. Sugar crystals enrobed the base layer, a rose gold fondant layer, pearls, embroidery work complete the look. Setup at the MU Alumni Center.

Cake without the fresh flowers

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Megan Bamvakais May 12, 2018 »

Lightly iced Wedding cake adorned with fresh flowers.

While setting up the wedding cake I saw two dogs hanging around. This did not surprise me because they looked like the two grooms cakes. That's right the grooms cakes were in the shape of a German Shepard dog and Golden Lab dog. Not only did the couple have their sweet dogs at the wedding, but the grooms cakes looked like them and were sweet too.

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Rachel Slansky Apr 21, 2018 »

Each tier of the wedding cake had a little different look; embroidery work painted gold edible floral pattern, gold layer and large edible flowers on base cake with gold edging.

Grooms cake had both Missouri Tiger and Kansas Jay Hawk design. Let's hope that did fight at the reception.

Both were displayed in The Exchange Venue, Camdenton, Missouri

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Shannon Williams Apr 14, 2018 »

White textured wedding cake with white fresh flowers for finishing details.

Below is a picture before the flowers.

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Wizard of OZ Apr 11, 2018 »

Ruby red slippers on the yellow brick road, but look out you have to go through the poppies to continue on to???? The cake may have started in mid Missouri but it traveled not to Kansas but to Nebraska for a birthday celebration.

Woodland Display cake Apr 08, 2018 »

A woodland theme small Wedding Cake was displayed at the Wedding show in Bur Oak Brewery, Columbia, Missouri. Some of the cake layers were decorated to look like weathered barn boards with a little moss accenting the bottoms of the boards. Gum paste peonies and blossoms were used to give a more elegant look. I want to Thank the group of young ladies from the Hospitality Management class at the University of Missouri for hosted the show, as their capstone project.

Looking forward to a bride…

Taylor's baby shower cake Apr 07, 2018 »

A rustic looking baby shower cake, each layer a little different style and a fox topper to complete the look.

DJ Allen Mar 31, 2018 »

The fondant draping looks like fabric trailing on the sides of this wedding cake. To finish the look fresh flowers were placed at strategic points.

I had never been to California, Missouri and in the month of March I setup my second wedding cake in this town. This time at the California Country Club.

Annalynn Dietzel Mar 17, 2018 »

Clean lines gives this 3 tier square white wedding cake a classic look. After setting up the cake in California, that would be California, Missouri. I enjoyed seeing friends join their lives together in marriage and celebrating with them afterwards, and of course having a piece of cake.

Ronald McDonald fund raiser Feb 22, 2018 »

2018 Ronald McDonald House fund raiser at the Alumni Center in Columbia Missouri. My donation was a layer cake decorated with pearls and lace trim. Gum Paste Red roses and white with red tips carnations completed the cake.

Here is the cake setup at the Alumni Center on the MU Campus.

Pink and bling Feb 14, 2018 »

When you just have to have Pink and Bling, then look no further. Here you have the pink ruffles with Bling and to finish the top of the cake blushing pink sugar rose of this two tier party cake. Let the Party begin.

dimensional cake Jan 20, 2018 »

So how would you like to have your cake look like a cartoon of you? This 2 dimensional bust cake was for a older lady's birthday. When it is partially cartoon you don't have to have all those lines that you get when you get older.

Kathleen Oglesby Dec 31, 2017 »

If Shabby chic Wedding is what you are looking for, what about this wedding cake with fresh flowers? Kent always does a great job on the flowers.

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Hau Lee Dec 28, 2017 »

Not every 50th wedding anniversary cake has to have gold on it. This cake was patterned after the couple wedding cake. With royal icing roses and butter cream details the anniversary cake looked very similar to the one they had 50 years ago. It took a ride to Jefferson City, MO and made it there with no problems.

Amanda Shaffer Dec 09, 2017 »

A single sugar flower a top of this striking Wedding cake with the light blue and silver details. The wedding ceremony was taking place on the other side of the air wall at the Stoney Creek Inn while I was sitting up the wedding cake.

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Giulia Lino Oct 28, 2017 »

A Natural look was the style for this wedding. The semi naked cake with fresh flowers fall colors. It was place on a tree slab and the cupcakes were on tree slab stands (see picture below).

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Princess cake Oct 20, 2017 »

What little girl wouldn't want a edible tiara on top of their birthday cake.

Elisa Glick Oct 15, 2017 »

We work together to come up with just the right Wedding Cake. The gold scallops with purple back ground was used in other places at the wedding. Sugar Purple Calla Lilies were add to the top and side of the cake.

Close up some of the details

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Halea Jolene Coulter Oct 07, 2017 »

Setting the tone for the evening with a two tier midnight blue colored wedding cake with Sliver dragees and a few white sugar balls. It was setup at Kimball Ball Room on Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri.

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Swartz Oct 07, 2017 »

This semi naked cake is waiting for the fresh flowers. It was placed on a table in the middle of the dance floor under a tent at the Sorenson Estates in Columbia, Missouri

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2017 OSSAS Oct 01, 2017 »

Theme for this years show "Perfume".

My cake for the Grand National Wedding Cake Show was in the shape of spheres, adorned with Pink gum paste fantasy Flowers, tiny royal icing piping, gold details, including a gold chalice on top with flowers. After spending around 600 hours on this cake I was able to set in up at the OSSAS, Tulsa Oklahoma State Fair.

I was in the top 10 cakes, out of 80 other wedding cakes.

Oklahoma Big Cake Oct 01, 2017 »

At the OSSAS, Tulsa Oklahoma State Fair.

I coordinated this very large cake and with a number of Sugar Artistes/Cake Decorators. (Not only by adults but youth too.) It took us two days to complete this large cake. Very interesting to see the how other artistes created the fall theme idea.

We are very thankful for the Sponsors;

Satin Ice Fondant - fondant, Sweet Works - gum balls, Ateco - royal Icing and decorating supplies, Marvelous Mold for molds. Check out the links below.

Pictures of the other…

White and Purple Roses Sep 23, 2017 »

Gumpaste/Sugar flowers, White and Purple roses arranged for a topper on a wedding cake.

Armour logo cake Sep 13, 2017 »

Armour logo on this party cake for my step grandson.

Donna Martz Sep 09, 2017 »

This cake was for a very special friend. Handmade sugar roses, and different shade of blue hydrangeas. I am so glad that I got to share my gift with her.

Ashley Davis Sep 09, 2017 »

Some times you get a chance to do a very detailed five tiered wedding cake, with fantasy flowers, ruffles and embroidery details. I never know how many flowers that you need to do a cake like this. Tina was great to work with at the Country club of Missouri, in Columbia.

Close up pictures of some of the details

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Camping baby shower cake Aug 05, 2017 »

When you like camping you need to have a Camping scene including tents, camp fire, marshmallows on a stick, pine trees, everything is sugar, for your baby shower cake.

Close up of the details.

Katrina Cardwell Wedding Cake Jul 29, 2017 »

Very Elegant four tier wedding cake with pearls on the top and bottom layers, ruffles make flowers, along with embroidery and monogram giving the cake a personal touch. Wedding cake was placed on the same long table with the grooms cake. The Grooms cake was really a surprise for the bride, their first concert was at the Rolling Stones.

Check out the grooms cake

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Fishing party cakes Jul 28, 2017 »

A two tier cake for the guest and a matching smash cake for the birthday boy. Bobber's to hold up the catch.

Emily Peterson Jul 15, 2017 »

Simple but elegant three tier wedding cake with buttercream icing was displayed on the center of the dance floor. The florist put the finishing touches with the fresh flowers.

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Emily Cain Jul 08, 2017 »

Two layers of smooth icing with the bottom layer ruffle flowers make this a elegant display. The soft colors on the flowers is the finishing touch for this cake.

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Arielle Trickel Jun 24, 2017 »

There are times when a wedding cake must travel some distance. This textured wedding cake traveled to the Red Barn in Trenton Missouri. Over a 130 miles away from the shop.

The Blush Roses, babies breath with greenery gave this cake a rustic but modern look.

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Lauren McGuire Jun 17, 2017 »

Four tier textured Wedding Cake is graced with beautiful fresh flowers cascading down the cake.

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Katy Musterman Jun 03, 2017 »

Textured wedding are popular right now. The florist placed flowers around give it a delicate look.

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Rachel Henderson Jun 03, 2017 »

All white wedding cake every layer a different style quilting and pearls, Fondant strips, scrolling. Layer designs can be changed to fit your style.

Grooms cake is away to included the groom's interest and a different flavor of cake. This one having the Missouri University Tiger logo and his fatuity's Greek letters.

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Annie Pechenik May 27, 2017 »

Naked wedding cake with fresh flowers and greenery curving down the cake. If you don't want a lot of icing this is the cake for you. Working with the florist you can give the cake a simple look or more color with fresh flowers.

Pictures below show you different angle and a simpler style with just the greenery.

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Tayler Scholes May 27, 2017 »

A wedding cake with pearls and quilting. Finished the edges with a grey ribbon. Sugar flower cascaded down the sides of the cake. Sugar flowers are handmade and edible.

Is this a style of cake you like, but just not in your colors? It is very easy to change the colors and not with just lighting.

Below is a closeup picture of the flowers and two pictures with different lighting, totally changes the color of the flowers.

Jesse's 4th Birthday May 21, 2017 »

Super hero time for my grandson that turned 4. I made the cake and cupcakes to match. Mom had the figures that we placed on top of the cake.

Jesse was really happy he got to keep all the super hero figures.

Amy Crews May 20, 2017 »

This Wedding Cake was setup outdoors under a pavilion in a park at Fulton.

Cake had buttercream ruffles in shades of pink and pink details. The fresh flowers added the finishing touch to the cake.

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Kim Stickney May 20, 2017 »

Kim wanted a chocolate and white wedding cake. With the fondant draping on both side of the cake this divided each type of cake.

This is a great way to get both flavors and combine the grooms cake with the wedding cake.

Alexandra Carey May 20, 2017 »

When a smooth cake is not what you have in mind for your wedding cake then this textured cake could be what you are looking for.

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Black and white graduation cake May 13, 2017 »

Three young men graduating from Centraila, MO. celebrated together, with a two tiered cake topped with a Chocolate hat covered in fondant. I wonder if they shared the hat. The scroll was made out of chocolate too.

Pharmacy cake May 13, 2017 »

Graduating from pharmacy school this is the cake for you. Mortar and Pestle made out of chocolate and covered in fondant. Lots of pills covering the cake including pill bottles. Finishing it off with a Script Pad.

Closeup of the Mortar and Pestle

Retirement Cake May 13, 2017 »

This three tier cake accented with fresh flowers, was for a retirement party.

This style of cake could be a good choice for a wedding cake.

Simon's 1st Birthday May 07, 2017 »

Our Grandson turned 1 this year and he just had to have his own little cake to smash. He loves puppies and farm animals, so that was the theme of the party. Of course the first thing was to eat the puppy's head off. I have to say he was pretty neat when it can to eating his cake. The rest of us enjoyed the sheet cake with farm animals and a chocolate picket fence.

Rebekah Whitaker Apr 29, 2017 »

This Rustic style wedding cake looks like tree stabs stacked on top of each other. It was the perfect fit with the style of Rebekah and Jason's wedding. They Personalize it with their initials. Can't you just see this style of cake with your own initials at your wedding reception.

Polo Shirt and Hat Apr 26, 2017 »

Fun birthday cake, this would be great as a grooms cake too. Did you count out those $100.00 bills? There are five of them. Fun money to spend on whatever you want right, No you can't spend them, they are edible. The hat has fondant details but under the fondant is chocolate.

Chaeleigh Concannon Apr 22, 2017 »

This 6 tier white wedding cake with all the pipping of strings, draping scrolls, etc. makes a statement when you walk into the ballroom. Kent placed fresh flowers around and on the cake making for very soft and delicate look.

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Professional Cake Decorating Classes Mar 20, 2017 »

I took three classes taught by Karen Portalio and she is a fantastic teacher and cake artist.

Picture of Karen and myself.

I learned some new techniques that I will be able to use in the future. I would enjoy getting to do a cake for you with some of the new techniques. Do you have an idea? Give me a call and let's make it happen.

Closeup picture of my Alien. Miss Green Lady.

Daisies and Sunflowers Feb 25, 2017 »

Think of horse back riding out in the field and you come upon flowers. When your mom loves to ride you give her a special cake reflecting her interest. A top the cake is a edible chocolate sign. Side design of a horse and cowgirl silhouette, finishing details of handmade edible sugar daisies and sunflowers. Tie it up with some raffia ribbon and you have just the cake for the occasion.

Closeup of the Sugar Flowers.

Ronald McDonald Red Shoe Gala Feb 16, 2017 »

Red Shoe Gala Fund Raiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, Missouri. Can a shoe be edible? This Red Shoe with gold touches on top of a Red Velvet cake with gold details is all edible.

Below are some closeups of the details.

Rustic Wedding Cake Feb 12, 2017 »

Rustic wedding cake with a bark base cake and bark trim other the other two layers, edible oak leaves, flowers, acorns, red berries, Monarch butterfly. Making for a very rustic looking or an environmentally friendly looking cake. This cake was on display at the wedding show, it received rave reviews on its style.

Below are some closeup pictures of the details.

Butterflies in flight Feb 11, 2017 »

This two tiered cake has lacy details with small accent flowers. The Monarch Butterflies going up the cake are edible.

This cake was a surprise for a special lady.

Closeup of butterflies

Dome cake at the 100 year Capstone Celebration at the Missouri State Capito Jan 04, 2017 »

I was asked to make a cake in the shape of the dome that is on the Missouri State Capitol. A Celebration for the 100th anniversary of the installation of the capstone onto the Capitol was going to take place in Rotunda at the Capitol on the third floor. With only 2 weeks notice my journey began. Joining me on my journey was my husband. With his engineering background, carpenter skills. It made my job a lot easier. We gathered pictures, he measured and calculated a scale (32nd) that would look…

Baby Boy Shower Cake Dec 31, 2016 »

Who says you can't use bolder colors for a baby shower cake. Those are edible sneakers on the top of the cake. You can keep them for a keepsake or enjoy taking a bite out of the sweet sugar when you are have a craving.

90th Birthday Cake Dec 22, 2016 »

When you want to shine on your birthday, do it with Gold. Using gold ribbons, dots and a bow, along with the edible 90th topper, you will make your birthday cake a sparkling addition to your table.

Teresa Foster's Wedding Cake Dec 17, 2016 »

Do you want texture on your wedding cake? Here is a style that you might be looking for. Need to add color? Put a few soft pink roses to give you that sprinkle of color.

The groom had his own special cake. He was a big Chicago Cubs fan, and with the cubs winning the world series in 2016, nothing to do, but have a grooms cake to celebrate both "This is Our Year".

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Faith Hoslettler Dec 09, 2016 »

This two tier square wedding cake with black and bling ribbons makes for a clean and modern look. The bride was all smiles with her cake.

Sometimes wedding cakes travel a while before being set up at their final location and this one traveled over an hour and a half.

Marsha Usovsky Dec 03, 2016 »

Soft fondant draping flowing down these three tiers of cake. Could it be a wedding cake? It could be, but this time it is an 40th anniversary cake. The beautiful Red Roses completed the look.

This couple wanted to have a special cake for their anniversary.

100th Birthday Cake Nov 30, 2016 »

When you have lived on this earth for 100 years, you deserve a special cake. This cake has some resemblance to packages with fondant strips and pearls.

Need some chocolate with your cake? The topper is made with white chocolate and can be removed to keep, or when you need a little pick me up, break yourself off a zero and enjoy.

Fall Party Cake Nov 25, 2016 »

Textured icing with fall colored leaves, add nuts and berries, a couple of pumpkins and chocolate signs, don't forget gold touches to make the cake pop and now you have a fun party cake for a couple of special birthday people.

See the closeup pictures of the details.

This would make a great grooms cake too.

Brittnie Buso Nov 19, 2016 »

Monograms can bring attention to your Wedding Cake. Not making every layer the same design, was what made this cake different from the next.

Carol Shrock Nov 11, 2016 »

Cute little wedding cakes can be very classy looking. This one with the stringwork and the Fondant fabric draping gives you that effect.

Suitcase and Hat box Cake Nov 10, 2016 »

Traveling? Don't forget your Suitcase and Hat box. Look at all those stickers of where it has been. Wait! I don't think so, that's all sugar and goodness. It only traveled to the party, where it was a big hit.

Check out the details; stickers and rope handles, even the hinges and latches are edible.

Blair Haskamp's wedding cake Nov 05, 2016 »

Sometimes the street has to be closed in Moberly, and a tent erected there. That is where this elegant Wedding cake was, inside that tent. With the embroidery piping on the sides of two of the layers, making the un-decorated layers striking. Want a monogram on your cake? This under stated L might be just what you are looking for.

Thanks Nola for sharing your photo

Purse party cake Nov 02, 2016 »

Are you looking for a black designer purse with gold accents for your outfit? This one might be the one for you, but I would not carry it you might get icing on you or your outfit. You can have this great looking purse for your birthday, it is a cake! Add some pearls and pearl ear rings and don't forget the bow and tag their all edible, made with fondant. What a sweet way to celebrate!

Page Palmer Oct 29, 2016 »

Want texture on your wedding cake? Here is a great example. The fresh flowers give a pop of color.

Groom had an interest in parrots. This was a surprise for the groom.

Check out the vendor below for the reception location.

Amy Lightner's Wedding Cake Oct 22, 2016 »

A musical theme wedding reception with musical notes and keyboard layers on the wedding cake and yellow sugar flowers for the finishing touch.

The tiered drums for a grooms cake played right long with the theme.

Raven Carpenter's Wedding Cake Oct 08, 2016 »

This beautiful country, rustic wedding cake brought many smiles to the reception hall for this wedding. With an ornate owl topper it truly helped reflect this unique style of the couple. And the taste was amazing!!!

No matter your style or preference, I am happy to work closely with you to achieve the look you are seeking. After all, it is my goal to create the cake of your dreams.

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Peace Train Oct 04, 2016 »

Kerry and myself wanted to make a statement about the violence we saw taking place in America these days. My husband and I drove the train skeleton and Styrofoam to Tulsa.

Following the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show that Kerry Vincent Host. A team of 15 to 18 people, and with a train load of sugar we decorated a 45 foot x 5 foot x 7 foot tall Train in 2 days in the River Spirit Expo Center.

2016 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in Tulsa Oct 02, 2016 »

The theme this year "Mad about Metallic" I received 2nd runner up. There was such an outpouring of support and so many beautiful, cake designs!

Amy Diaz's Wedding Cake Sep 24, 2016 »

This was a joy to work on! This gorgeous 4-tiered light creme and pink wedding cake went perfectly with the reception decor. I loved the adorable cake topper that really tied the look together.

Birthday Cake for Izzy Aug 20, 2016 »

What a unique, one-of-a-kind cake! It was so much fun playing with the colors and intricate sugar art designs on this birthday cake. It's always exciting to see the end-result of any cake and I was very pleased with this one!

Gender Reveal Cake Aug 19, 2016 »

Everyone is waiting, including mom and dad to find out, girl or boy? Don't ask me because I'm not telling and neither will this cake, until you cut into it and fine the cake or filling to be pink or blue.

Over the Top Wedding cake May 28, 2016 »

Sometime there is a wedding cake that is just over the top, different than any other cake that you have done for a bride. Under a tent at Cedar Creek Resort was where the 42" hexagon and round shaped layers of wedding cake was on display. No white wedding cake for this bride only jewel tone colors in purple, teal, gold. Choosing different designs for every layer makes you interested of getting closer look and check out the details, like the hand piped henna, draping and bling jewels.